Sample availability procedure


Researchers can easily obtain information on the number of tumour samples from a certain tumour type that are registered in the online Catalogue of the Belgian Virtual Tumourbank (BVTc):


1. Complete the document with your coordinates, sample description and scientific purpose (click here)

2. Send the filled in form

3. Your request will be processed

The BVT team performs a search in the BVTc and informs you via e-mail about the total number of samples matching your request, including the contact information of the hosting biobanks.


4. At the moment of sample exchange, the BVT team can perform (upon request) an additional quality control on the data registered in the BVT Catalogue for the exchanged samples


For further information please contact the biobank team of the Belgian Cancer Registry (BCR) via


If you are interested to gain full access to the Catalogue of Biobanked Samples and thus obtain detailed sample level information, please visit the page "Access to the catalogue " and follow the indicated procedure.