The most recent table with aggregated data of primary malignant tumour tissue samples registered in the BVT catalogue, can be downloaded on the page Aggregated data.


General information:


  • International Classification of Diseases for Oncology, third edition:

      Dutch (ICD-O-3) or French (CIM-O-3)


  • Update ICD-O-3 November 2011 (corrected version January 2013):

      Dutch or French



  • Second revision of ICD-O-3 (ICD-O-3.2): see website IACR for all available documents





Manuals for BVT applications: 


  • Manual for the BVTr-application v4.2 (for biobanks in the BVT-network): 

      Dutch or French





Other useful information specific for biobanks in the BVT network:




  • Manual for the creation of profiles for the BVTr (voor de lokale beheerder - pour le gestionnaire local):

      Dutch or French