Welcome to the Belgian Cancer Registry website!

The Belgian Cancer Registry collects information about all new cancer diagnoses in Belgium and their follow-up. Based on this information it maps out the nature and extent of cancer in Belgium. It regularly bundles this information in a publication. You can find the most recent information under cancer numbers.
The Belgian Cancer Registry also collects all anatomopathological test results as part of the early detection programme for certain cancers (cervical cancer, breast and colon cancer).
What will you find on our website?
Besides information about the Belgian Cancer Registry and its activities, under publications you will find a list of published brochures and reports. You can also read more about the training courses and events organised by the Registry. The website also provides information about what the Belgian Cancer Registry does in terms of prevention and research. In addition you can click to be directed to the sub sites of PROCARE and the Belgian virtual tumour bank.
Requesting or registering data
 Are you looking for specific and accurate numbers related to (a specific type of) cancer? Or would you like to know the extent to which it occurs in a particular region? Under statistics you can use a simple search function to request the information you need.
Do you want to know how a professional must register information? If so, click registration or prevention.
The Belgian Cancer Registry logo
The organisation's logo symbolises the feeling of being a prisoner which is experienced by cancer patients. The stripes refer to the counting system that they use, just like prisoners, to cross off the days until their cure or their freedom.
To contact the Belgian Cancer Registry

Would you like more information about the Belgian Cancer Registry? Or can't find what you are looking for? If so, contact us :
Telephone: 02 250 10 10